About Slavery No More

Our Mission

The mission of Slavery No More is to resource a diversity of the most effective organizations working to combat and abolish modern-day slavery and human trafficking, and to create awareness and a diversity of opportunities for meaningful personal engagement.

Our History

The principals of Slavery No More have been working for several years with myriad Non-Governmental Organizations involved in the fight to eradicate modern day slavery and human trafficking, hosting fundraisers, forums and other events to raise critical support and awareness, as well as working with local and national law enforcement agencies to do the same. During this time, the following observations were made:

  • The most effective NGOs are still vastly underfunded and, therein, understaffed to garner the necessary support to locate, rescue and restore the 27 million victims worldwide
  • Law enforcement, both domestically and internationally, face the exact same challenges of resources and personnel in order to be effective
  • Most people, once more aware of the nature and scope of these atrocities worldwide, desire to help
  • Therefore, the opportunity exists to provide critical assistance to these NGOs by both garnering more resources and aiding the exponential growth in individuals and organizations committed to providing the needed resources to bring about the material, if not complete, abolishment of slavery and human trafficking

Going Forward

Slavery No More will expand its assistance in helping NGOs with strategic alliances as well as leveraging NGO efforts to garner support, awareness, volunteers and other critical resources, and continue to do so with the involvement of the LAPD, FBI, ICE, DHS and the U.S. Department of Justice.


Jocelyn White

Mrs. White has served on the LA Metro Task Force Against Human Trafficking Outreach Committee, and is on staff at International Justice Mission. Since 2009, Mrs. White has worked to organize benefits, forums and other events involving law enforcement and the most effective NGOs currently fighting the atrocities of slavery and human trafficking in the U.S. and around the world. She has lobbied in both California and Washington D.C. for human trafficking legislation, organized grassroots state-wide legislative campaigns, held awareness and training seminars and served at an aftercare facility for minors rescued from domestic trafficking and sex slavery all across the United States. During this time Mrs. White has built key alliances with both domestic and international anti-slavery and human trafficking NGOs, local, state and national law enforcement agencies, including LAPD, FBI, ICE, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and the Department of Justice, as well as the U.S. faith-based community.

Peter White

Mr. White has a background in asset management. Over the last several years Mr. White has co-chaired the Los Angeles benefits for International Justice Mission, participated in numerous forums and events to raise awareness and raise support for the most effective NGOs leading the fight against slavery and human trafficking, participated in state and national legislative campaigns, and is a member of the LA Metro Task Force Against Human Trafficking.

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