Use of Funds

95%+ of all funds go toward fighting human trafficking.

All funding raised by Slavery No More will be directed to a diversity of those NGOs proven to be highly effective in Prevention, Rescue, Restoration, and Structural Transformation, as well as to help underwrite a growing schedule of conferences, forums, fundraisers and events to further engage the public and help to grow the resourcing base for these effective NGOs.

The principal inspiring the use of all funds by Slavery No More is that it’s more effective to direct $700 of a $1,000 contribution to the acute need and the other $300 to garnering a growing base of people also giving to the acute need, rather than directing the entire $1,000 immediately to the acute need. While most of the NGOs with which Slavery No More is working have staff working to raise such support as well, they are unequivocally understaffed to garner the necessary growth in resources needed to dramatically increase effectiveness worldwide in a time frame acceptable to anyone who cares about the near-term abolishment of modern day slavery and human trafficking, and rescuing the victims thereof.

As Slavery No More has extremely low overhead and no officers or directors being paid salaries, we estimate 95%, or more, of all funds raised will go toward these two primary drivers of Slavery No More’s mission.