Report A Crime/Need Help

If you suspect human trafficking or slavery, please call one of the following numbers.  Do not approach any suspected traffickers.

Indicators of Human Trafficking

  • Restricted or controlled communication or transportation
  • Someone else has possession of identification and legal documents
  • Barbed wire or bars on windows to keep one in
  • Large number of occupants for living space
  • Signs of torture such as scars, branding, or malnourishment
  • Massage parlors refusing to service women
  • Men come and go frequently

Need Help?

If anything on this list describes your situation, call any of the numbers below for help.

  • Someone else has your identification
  • You are being tortured in any way- beating, rape, burning, sufficient food is withheld from you
  • You are not allowed to come and go as you please
  • You are not allowed to call anyone without someone listening to your conversation
  • You are not getting paid for your work
  • You are force to work long hours without a break
  • You are being forced to work in order to pay off a debt
  • If you don’t do as you’re told, your life or a life of someone you know is threatened

Always call 911 FIRST!

Additional Resources & Hotlines

National Human Trafficking Hotline

LA Metro Task Force

Coalition to Abolish Slavery & Trafficking
CAST staff assesses for emergency needs, such as housing, clothing, food, and safety, followed by a comprehensive assessment and legal interview that also address safety.

Children of the Night
Hotline receives telephone calls from those 18 and under who have been raped, beaten, overdosed on drugs, and are trying to escape the streets.

Treasures Ministry
Assists those in sex industry in finding other options for work.

Equal Employment Opportunity
You are not getting paid what you were promised.

Legal Aid Foundation of Los Angeles
Provides civil legal services to poor and low-income people in Los Angeles County.